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First meeting between Path of Abraham and the European Federation of Saint James Way

The agglomeration community of Puy-en-Velay in partnership with the European Federation Saint James Way were on February 8, a delegation of the 'Path of Abraham'. The visit was aimed at exchanging best practices development of the way of Saint James, cultural route by excellence. It was an opportunity to consider co-operation between the two routes 'mythical'.


Madeleine RIGAUD Vice-President of the urban community, accompanied by Gérard Beaume Coordinator of the European Federation of the way of St James welcomed Director George Rishmawi of the route ' Masar Ibrahim Al Khalil / / Path of Abraham ', Raphael Trouiller association Tetrakys and Martine Chaligné of AFRAT, animators of a programme of decentralized cooperation of tourism development sustainable in Palestine.


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